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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section is a place where commonly requested information is presented in a "Q&A" format. Often the questions you may have as a prospective or existing client may be the same as other clients. While none of this information is intended to replace the advice of an Austin attorney applying these principles to your situation, we have discovered that providing this information can help narrow the issues.

The FAQ's are divided into several topic areas:

  1. FAQ's related to specific areas of practice, divided by areas of practice;
  2. FAQ's related to the Austin Law Firm of Lippincott Phelan Veidt, PLLC specific policies and procedures, divided by questions asked by clients, vendors, and the media;
  3. FAQ's related to Working with an Attorney, which is an overview of answers related to questions many potential clients in the Austin area may have if they've never worked with an attorney before;

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